Our Mission

LIXIL Americas offers a comprehensive suite of rewards to enhance our employees’ work life as well as to support their, and their family’s physical, mental and financial well-being.

LIXIL Americas offers a total rewards package that includes pay, health and savings benefits, time-off programs and more.

Our Benefits

“The people at LIXIL are quality professionals and the work-life balance is very good. Management understands that people have lives outside of work and can be flexible…I would recommend LIXIL to a friend.”
– Glassdoor, Accounting Analyst
“Good time off policy including a holiday shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s which doesn’t count against your vacation.”
– Glassdoor, IT Manager
“The gym reimbursement program helps to make my gym membership affordable, a great benefit!  Thank you LIXIL!”
– Marketing Analyst

“Thank you for arranging a great nutrition counselling program! So far the sessions have been both helpful and informative. The extra support, especially now is very much appreciated. The timing could not have been better!”
– Treasury Analyst
“The significant employee product discounts are amazing! I was able to re-do my whole bathroom and practically only paid for the labor!”
– Project Manager
“I especially appreciate the transparency and consistency of the commissions paid.”
– Glassdoor, Sales Representative

Learn more about our “You do You” Culture from Trey Northrup, Leader of LIXIL Americas


If you had asked me two years ago about a flexible and hybrid work arrangement, I would have deemed it impossible. Truthfully, the thought hadn’t even really entered my mind at the time; I was so accustomed to working in an office every day alongside all my colleagues. But as people around the world battled the many complications of the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 18 months, it became apparent to me that how we conduct business has been changed for the foreseeable future.

The pandemic has enabled me to take a step back and assess my life personally and professionally. I reevaluated how my family life and my work life could co-exist in a way that could make me more productive and happier simultaneously. I decided I had to take charge of my time – own my own day - and that is what I have encouraged my LIXIL colleagues to do, too. The concept of owning your own day requires a lot of trust, and I truly believe that every LIXIL employee comes to work with a consistent positive intent to thrive in their role.

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Learn about our #Flush2020 Campaign from Trey

Like many of you, I was more than happy to see 2020 come to an end. I had been in my new role leading LIXIL Water Technology Americas for just five months by that point and had high hopes for 2021, but was really looking forward to putting 2020 behind us. So I was thrilled when our American Standard Brands team, with their agencies Empower and BML Public Relations, translated that sentiment the best way we, as a leading toilet manufacturer, could: with good clean “potty humor” and a positive message. The #Flush2020 campaign launched in December to give 2020 the sendoff it deserved.

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LIXIL’s Employee Resource Groups: Giving Employees a Voice through Community

LIXIL’s Employee Resource Groups: Giving Employees a Voice through Community

Hear more from LIXIL’s Americas Diveristy & Inclusion Senior Specialist Sarah Restrepo on our Employee Resource Groups.

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