Our Mission

LIXIL Americas offers a comprehensive suite of rewards to enhance our employees’ work life as well as to support their, and their family’s physical, mental and financial well-being.

LIXIL Americas offers a total rewards package that includes pay, health and savings benefits, time-off programs and more.

Our Benefits

LIXIL Community Day - Volunteerism Program

The company provides paid time off to serve their communities during regularly scheduled work hours up to 3 days of Volunteer Time per calendar year.

Each year, our LIXIL Community comes together to organize LIXIL Community Day to make a difference in our local communities

Meet our LIXIL Americas Leaders

Hear the latest from Trey Northrup, Leader of LIXIL Americas on the Forbes Business Council

Drop The Corporate Speak: How To Communicate With Your People Clearly And Effectively

Have you ever been in a presentation where you heard enough acronyms to recite the alphabet twice? Only for them to be paired with obscure verbs that cause eyes to glaze over and phones to appear in hands?

“Parking lot the AOP discussion."

"Whiteboard the FY initiatives and map them against KPIs."

It’s a miracle anyone knows what anyone is talking about. And yet, strangely, we all do.

When did we start replacing normal conversation with corporate speak? When did “change” turn into “paradigm shift?” When did “teamwork” turn into “synergy?” Why did we stop talking to each other like people? When did we start hiding the message instead of telling people like it is?

I think it's about time we change our tune. Because when we bury the message, people get left behind. When we can’t explain a concept clearly, the message falls flat. Corporate speak is the enemy of clarity, and it puts an added burden on the listener.

LIXIL Honored By Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Visionary Award for Leadership

We are thrilled to announce that LIXIL has been honored with the prestigious Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Visionary Award for Leadership and Governance of a Public Company. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our purpose: making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.
Jin Montesano, accepted this distinguished award on behalf of LIXIL during a remarkable ceremony held in New York City, New York, US. Accepting the award, Jin said, “We are immensely proud that our purpose has led us to actively promote women's participation at all levels of our organization, including leadership positions. Inclusion is a key aspect of our commitment to creating better homes. Starting with our own ‘home’, LIXIL, inclusion drives how we approach our business and impact strategy to make a positive impact on communities worldwide.”

The WCD Foundation is a renowned global organization and community of women corporate directors dedicated to fostering women's leadership in the C-suite.

Congratulations to the entire LIXIL team! 

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LIXIL Selected for CDP’s Climate Change A List for the first time

LIXIL’s commitment to making positive environmental impact is recognized with top rating from CDP


LIXIL Corporation (“LIXIL”, TSE Code: 5938), maker of pioneering water and housing products, has earned its place on CDP's Climate Change A List for the first time, joining 346 companies worldwide and 109 from Japan. LIXIL was also rated B for Water Security.

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)1 is a global non-profit organization that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. In cooperation with institutional investors, CDP annually collects and evaluates data from major global corporations on business risks and opportunities related to climate change, water resources, and forest conservation. This includes conducting surveys to evaluate each company’s water conservation measures within its business activities, products and services, and to address the global water crisis.